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Bolt size

Please select:

- 3/8 inch carriage bolt hole (standard for most docks).

- 1/2 inch carriage bolt hole (for larger hardware and heavier waters).

- Weld-on application.

DockHinge uses a standard 3.5" x 3.5" bolt pattern.

Hardware not included

8 carriage bolts, 8 flat washers, 8 lock washers and 8 nuts for each DockHinge.

Two DockHinges required per join. 


Self-contained. Never lose a pin again.

Self-supporting of loads while you secure from above with a single tool.

Self-aligning when tightened.


Patented bushing system means no metal-on-metal squeaking.

Wide range of motion allows for fluctuating water levels with virtually silent functioning.
For both wood and aluminum docks with quiet functioning.

Installing from above. Keeps you out of the water.

Self-supporting. Fingers are out of harms way when securing.

Uses only 1 tool - ¾” socket, like a tire iron or standard drill socket.

Canadian Based Manufacturing

Made in Canada

An ISO 9001:2015 certified advanced CNC machine shop.


International shipping available.

Each unit consists of a hitch & hinge coupler weighing 4.5lbs. Two units are required for each join.

Aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum with minimum 35 KSI yield strength and stainless-steel fasteners

All shipping costs are FOB DockHinge

Visa / Mastercard / e-transfer

Prices are subject to change.

The DockHinge products have a Lifetime Guarantee* against defects in material & manufacturing. Simply contact us with your original receipt and we will repair or replace your DockHinge.

*All installations are solely the responsibility of the installer and/or the end user. Lateral support is always required in dock installation. Mounting hardware is extra. DockHinge accepts no liability for the installation, location, use, function, and safety of the products, mishandling or damages of our products or accessories, improper installation, custom products specifications, unauthorized modifications and attachments, improper repair. DockHinge accepts no liability for objects, animals or aquatic life, vandalism, severe weather and natural disaster, impact by watercraft, ice, falling trees, floating debris, and other foreign objects.

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Rod C.
Canada Canada

Easy to use.

These are awesome. They also work with every other dock manufacturer hardware.

Fred W.
Canada Canada

Design Comments

I like the overall design of the product, however there is one area that could be improved. The website refers to the use of carriage bolts, which under normal circumstances have a square shoulder just under the head of the bolt. The square shoulder of the carriage bolt does not fit into the hitch or hinge mounting holes cleanly as the mounting holes are round. This is not an issue for the hinge side because the bolt and nut (or head of the bolt) can protrude without affecting the connection of the hitch to the hinge. However, it is an issue for the hitch side, particularly on the lower mounting holes. The lower jaw will not travel freely to a low enough position to provide enough clearance for the spindle to fit into the jaw if a bolt head or nut is protruding into its path of travel. The two possible solutions to this issue is 1. Find carriage bolts that do not have square shoulders beneath the head, or 2. change the design of the hitch to have square mounting holes that accept regular carriage bolts. My suggestion is option 2, as most dock hardware uses square holes to accept carriage bolts. The way I got around this issue is that I found by (really) tightening the bolts the square shoulder of the carriage bolt recessed into the hitch plate, that is the aluminum was soft enough to deform and allow this to happen - however, I don't think this is a good installation strategy. Square mounting holes would be a much better solution.

Shaun N.
Canada Canada


Everything you said it would do it did!! Excellent product

John N.
Canada Canada

Dock hinge

The hinge is great when its on and connected. But its a real pain to fit, especially when both docks are floating on water.. Maybe some instructions or guidance would help. This was my first dock so I really took my time.

Werner Z.
Canada Canada

simplest dock hinge ...

I'm using several dock-hinge for gateway and floating dock. The practical benefit for connecting and disconnecting is my value add. My goal was to move the gateway/docks as a one man show. Now this is reached. Werner Zollinger