Weld On / Repairable hinge

Weld-on HitcHinge

We also carry the 4" and 5" weld-on product. Perfect for the narrower 4" aluminum construction or the wider 5" profile. To order please call Rita & Andy 705-933-8439
  • Complete HitcHinges (custom 4" shown)

  • Hitch

  • Hinge


Repairable HitcHinge

The repairable allows for the hinge side to be disassembled. We have found that dock builders mounting to concrete seawalls, rock or other materials where the carriage bolt is not the right solution can still mount the hinge easily and effectively.

Hinge repairable

Available is the 5" backing plate with holes for 3/8", 1/2" and weld-on hardware solutions.